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QFTCT - professional
to design quantitative robust control systems

The QFT Control Toolbox, or QFTCT, is the professional, interactive and user-friendly toolbox for Matlab of CoDyPower LLC, © 2008.
It applies the Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT) to the design of automatic robust control systems. The software has been developed by Prof. Mario Garcia-Sanz.
Over the years, the toolbox has been widely applied by industry, space agencies, research centers and universities to design robust control solutions and servo-systems.
The QFT Control Toolbox (1) deals with plants with model uncertainty, (2) is able to work with multi-objective performance specifications, (3) keeps the engineering understanding of the design in the frequency domain, and (4) gives solutions from simple PID regulators to more advanced controllers when necessary. The toolbox runs with Matlab and offers an very intuitive and user-friendly windows environment.
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