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QFT Control Toolbox for Matlab.

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QFTCT - professional
to design quantitative robust control systems

The QFT Control Toolbox, or QFTCT, is the professional, interactive and user-friendly toolbox for Matlab. CoDyPower LLC, © 2008 - 2020.
It applies the Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT) to the design of automatic robust control systems. The software was developed by Prof. Mario Garcia-Sanz.
This toolbox is used by industry, space agencies, research centers and universities to design robust control solutions and servo-systems.
The QFT Control Toolbox (1) finds solutions from simple PIDs to more advanced controllers when necessary, (2) deals with plants with model uncertainty, (3) is able to work with multi-objective performance specifications, and (4) keeps a truly engineering understanding of the design in the frequency domain. The toolbox runs with Matlab and offers an very intuitive and user-friendly windows environment.
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