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DeltaGrids Toolbox for Matlab (Description)

DeltaGrids Toolbox
to design electrical distribution networks

Deltagrids is the Optimal Planning of Electrical Distribution Networks Toolbox for Matlab developed by CoDyPower © 2013 - 2020.

It finds an optimal design for the electrical distribution network: number of transformers and location, customers for each transformer, electrical circuits and civil work. The solution is based on the streets' topology, customers' energy consumption, electrical devices available and economic factors.
The toolbox designs solutions for:
1.- Cities that need to redesign the entire electrical distribution network.
2.- New expansions of the existing electrical distribution system, like new residential areas or industrial parks.
3.- Renovation of aging transformers and distribution systems with more efficient and economic solutions.
4 .- High-tech residential areas that need to upgrade the electrical system to include electric vehicles or distributed generation (solar panels, wind turbines) and batteries.
5.- Inner cities and suburbs that need to improve the electrical distribution system.
6.- Secondary (low voltage) and Primary (medium voltage) electrical distribution networks.

1.- Input data: a simple Excel file with the street geometry, customers' information, transformer and cable catalogs, economic and electrical parameters.
2.- Output data: a complete description of the electrical distribution network in an Excel file, including sheets for each transformer, associated circuits, streets and civil work, and with all the electrical, economic and geometric variables of the design.
3.- Graphical analysis: a powerful graphical analysis in Matlab, including every detail of the design, transformer areas, associated circuits and street topology.
4.- Users' interface: an intuitive and friendly windows interface that allows the user to select the algorithms configuration and control the entire design process and analysis.
5.- Optimal solution: the toolbox finds an optimal economic solution based on graph theory, artificial intelligence, computer science, statistics, streets geometry, electrical and economic models.
6.- Constraints: the optimal design considers street geometric constraints, maximum distances per circuit, minimum voltage and maximum currents allowed, catalogs of transformers and cables, reduction of power surplus, reduction of line and transformer losses, and minimization of civil work and environmental impact.
7.- Catalog of transformers: the toolbox allows the user to introduce a selected list of transformers to be used in the design.
8.- Catalog of cables: the toolbox allows the user to introduce a selected list of cables to be used in the design.
9.- Electrical models: the toolbox deals with the electrical models of the distribution network, including voltages, currents, active and reactive powers, impedances per distance, etc.
10.- Economic models: the toolbox takes into account the economic parameters of the design, including taxes, depreciation, discount rates, net present value, cost of energy and installed power, etc.
11.- Streets geometry: the toolbox gives solutions following the existing street geometry.
12.- Number of circuits per transformer: the toolbox finds the ideal number of circuits per transformer, without any initial restriction in the number of circuits.
13.- Pre-existing electrical grid: the toolbox can work with pre-existing electrical networks, allowing the user to expand the new network from the existing transformers or to redesign it completely.
The DeltaGrids Toolbox, version 25.01 (2017) is now available and includes new features and improved performance!! The toolbox works with Matlab and the Statistics toolbox for Matlab. It requires Matlab 2015b (ver. 8.5) or later versions, the Statistics toolbox ver.10.0 or later versions, the Microsoft Excel (Office 2016), and Windows 10.

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