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DeltaGrids Toolbox for Matlab

Optimal planning of electrical distribution systems

Deltagrids is the Matlab toolbox for the optimal design (Optimal Planning) of Electrical Power Distribution Systems developed by CoDyPower, © 2013 - 2017.
Based on the streets' topology, customers' energy consumption, electrical devices available and economic factors (see left upper figure), DeltaGrids finds an optimal solution for the design of the electrical distribution network (see left lower figure).
The toolbox's solution includes the number, location and components of the substations, the topology of the electrical network, lines, cables and installation.
The search takes into account the minimum operational losses, optimal economic solutions, maximum reliability and minimum environmental impact. It also considers future potential power expansions.
Designs found by the toolbox have allowed utilities to propose final solutions with savings on the construction of the distribution network up to 40%, and on the engineering time over 90% (depending on the street geometry, customer and economic parameters).
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Selected projects:
CoDyPower has completed recently the design of the electrical distribution system for the Historic Center of Quito, Ecuador. Applying the DeltaGrids toolbox, the project developed a practical design with large economics savings and high performance (see projects).
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