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Customer Reviews
                By: J.R.S.
The QFTCT proved to be an excellent tool for robust controller design!!
                By: K.L.
Thanks for making this amazing toolbox!!!! The QFTCT definitely helped me to design the robust control system I needed for my project.
                By: M.S.
I'm looking forward to reading the new QFT book, coming in 2017. I've seen that it includes over 50 cases of many different problems solved with the QFTCT.
                By: K.I.
The best robust control toolbox I've ever used. And as far as I know, the only one that applies QFT currently in the market.
                By: John S.
Great Plant definition window. It very much speeds up the introduction of the plant model and the parametric uncertainty. And excellent Controller design window, with the interactive secondary window that makes the controller design so intuitive.
                By: P.O.
A powerful software tool when using external m.files to define the plants involved in the problem, or when many practical control specifications are required at the same time. Definitely, a great toolbox to find control solutions for complex multi-input multi-output plants.

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