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The QFT Control Toolbox for Matlab.

CoDyPower releases new version
of the QFT Control Toolbox for Matlab

CoDyPower LLC has just announced the release of a new version of the QFTCT, the Matlab toolbox that designs quantitative robust control solutions for automatic feedback systems, © 2008 - 2020 CoDyPower.

This Matlab toolbox to design robust control systems (1) gives solutions from simple PIDs to more advanced controllers when necessary, (2) deals with plants with model uncertainty, (3) is able to work with multi-objective performance specifications, and (4) keeps the engineering understanding of the design in the frequency domain.

This release includes new algorithms to deal with high order plants and a large number of parameters with uncertainty, new code to work with external mFiles that can describe any plant dynamics, including structural uncertainty and also experimental data, the option of include additional plants different from the system plant, and the possibility of define special performance specifications involving additional plants. (see QFT Control Toolbox)

New Book!!!

Robust Control Engineering: practical QFT solutions


Mario Garcia-Sanz
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, USA, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-138-03207-1.

This book is indispensable for engineers and researchers designing reliable control solutions for industrial, energy, environmental, biomedical, chemical, electrical, mechanical and aerospace applications. It covers the fundamentals of the QFT robust control as well as practical control solutions for unstable, time-delay, non-minimum phase or distributed parameter systems, plants with large model uncertainty, with high-performance specifications, nonlinear components, multi-input multi-output characteristics or asymmetric topologies.

The reader will discover practical applications through a large collection of successful real-world projects where Prof. Garcia-Sanz has been involved over the last 25 years, including commercial wind turbines, wastewater treatment plants, power systems, satellites with flexible appendages and flying in formation, large radio telescopes and industrial manufacturing systems. Furthermore, the book presents problems and projects with the popular QFT Control Toolbox (the QFTCT) for MATLAB developed by the author.

DELTAGRIDS: The Optimal Planning Toolbox for Matlab

CoDyPower releases new version of Deltagrids, the software
for Optimal Planning of Electrical Distribution Systems

CoDyPower LLC recently announced the release of version 24.01 of Deltagrids, the software developed by the company to design optimal solutions for electrical distribution systems planning, © 2013 CoDyPower.

This release includes new and enhanced optimization algorithms for finding the number, location and components of the substations, and the topology of the electrical network, lines, cables and installation. The new version considers minimum operational losses in lines and transformers, optimal economic design, maximum reliability, minimum environmental impact, and future potential power expansions. (see DeltaGrids Toolbox)

Radio/Optical Telescopes: New products for servo-systems

New servo-system team and more products for telescopes

CoDyPower offers a new strong team of dedicated professionals with an average of 30 years of personal experience in the design of advanced/commercial control solutions and the instrumentation, implementation and maintenance of servo-systems for large radio telescopes.

As the reliability, performance and expected life of large telescopes strongly depend on the applied control strategy, CoDyPower offers a new generation of products for telescope servo-systems. (see Telescope control)

Design of Smart Grids: Project for EEQ

CoDyPower completes the design of the electrical distribution system
for the Historic Center of Quito (Ecuador)

CoDyPower has completed the design of the electrical distribution system for the Historic Center of Quito (Unesco's World Heritage Site). The project was developed for EEQ (Empresa Electrica de Quito), the municipal electrical utility of Quito, capital of Ecuador. The Historic Center of Quito has one of the largest, least-altered and best-preserved historic centers in the Americas, with about 20000 customers, 800 streets, 130 monumental buildings, and 5000 properties registered in the municipal heritage inventory, on an area of 320 hectares (790 acres).

The work was performed by using Deltagrids, the optimal planning software developed by CoDyPower to design electrical distribution systems . The project considers: (1) the optimization of the electrical grid while satisfying the street geometry, power limits, voltage and current limits and security constraints; (2) the determination of the optimal types, location and number of transformers and circuit facilities, considering also future potential grid expansion, power flow analysis and power system stability; and (3) the minimization of the investment capital cost, operational losses in lines and transformers and environmental impact. The project designed an optimal solution for both low-voltage and medium-voltage electrical distribution networks. (see past projects)

Best-selling Book!!!

Wind Energy Systems: Control Engineering Design


Mario Garcia-Sanz, Constantine H. Houpis
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis. Florida, USA., ISBN: 978-1-4398-2179-4, 2012.

A. This book describes the design and field experimentation of real-world multi-megawatt wind turbines and their control systems. It introduces the main topics of modern wind turbine design and control, including (1) the description of classical and advanced turbines, (2) dynamic modeling, (3) control objectives and strategies, (4) standards and certification, (5) controller design, and (6) a large number of applications like onshore and offshore wind turbines, floating wind turbines, airborne wind energy systems, advanced manufacturing and real experimentation.
B. The book also presents the main concepts of the QFT robust control engineering technique in such a manner that students and practicing engineers can readily grasp the fundamentals and appreciate its transparency in bridging the gap between theory and the real world.
C. The book includes the advanced interactive object-oriented CAD tool for QFT controller design (QFTCT) with MATLAB. Best-selling!!!! @ CRC Press

Encyclopedia of Systems and Control

Prof. Garcia-Sanz expert on Quantitative Feedback Theory
for the Encyclopedia of Systems and Control

The Encyclopedia of Systems and Control collects a broad range of short expository articles that describe the current state of the art in the central topics of control and systems engineering as well as in many of the related fields in which control is an enabling technology. A carefully chosen team of leading authorities in the field has written the well over 200 articles that comprise the work. The topics range from basic principles of feedback in servomechanisms to advanced systems and control topics. The book is available at: Encyclopedia of Control (Springer). Our contribution is:

M. Garcia-Sanz, “Quantitative Feedback Theory”. Chapter in Encyclopedia of Systems and Control. Editors: John Baillieul, Tariq Samad. Article ID: 366609, Chapter ID: 238. Springer Verlag, 2015.

For more information about research on QFT robust control click here.

Quick selected publications

Control Co-Design (CCD)
M. Garcia-Sanz, “Control Co-Design: An engineering game changer”. Advanced Control for Applications, Wiley, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2019; e18.
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New LCOE Metric Space
M. Garcia-Sanz, “A Metric Space with LCOE Isolines for Research Guidance in Wind and Hydrokinetic Energy Systems”. Wind Energy, Wiley, 2019; 1-21.
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Impact of Control Technology
E.F. Camacho, T. Samad, M. Garcia-Sanz and I. Hiskens, “Control for renewable energy and smart grids”. The Impact of Control Technology, T. Samad, A.M. Annaswamy (eds.). IEEE - Control Systems Society, 2011.

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